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Quality Program
Quality Controls Ensure You’re Satisfied

At netPolarity, paramount to our success is the quality of our staffing solutions. We haven’t finished our job until you’re completely satisfied with the results. To ensure we provide the quality workers you expect, we have instituted four key modules to control, monitor and sustain quality within our service delivery model. 

Screening process:
Our standard interview process involves a comprehensive approach that evaluates each unique candidate as a whole. This includes detailed evaluation of past employment responsibilities, technical and communications skills, behavior, personality and career goal of the candidate. Before a placement is to commence, the candidate also undergoes a thorough background check, including criminal, credit1, drug screening2 and reference checks as well as past employment and education verification. As an integral part of our recruiting process, we also use Web-based skills assessment testing and other customized tests or screening questions based on your unique needs and specifications.

Performance evaluation: Once engaged, to ensure our contingent workers’ performance is up to your expectation and is a good fit for your requirements, we survey our workers while on assignment about their job satisfaction, checking in at two-week, 30-day, 60-day, 120-day and 180-day intervals. Just as importantly, our dedicated account managers conduct a survey of your hiring managers to ensure that they are satisfied with the performance objectives as well. We also conduct end-of-assignment surveys for both the contingent worker and the hiring manager as we continually strive to achieve the utmost quality in our workforce and in our services.

Dedicated relationships: Thanks to our dedicated Account Support Teams, we immediately respond to any quality concerns surrounding human resource issues, from benefits to payroll to performance.  We treat all issues with a great sense of urgency and find swift resolutions so that your progress is not disrupted.

Checks and balances: We want to assure you of our commitment to the highest quality in all phases of the engagement. As a standard practice, we provide time sheet auditing for any reported hours worked on holidays, weekends or scheduled company downtime. We also adhere to the industry standard in record retention and welcome any scheduled audit visits from clients regarding our HR and recruiting metrics as well as financial records.

At netPolarity, underlying our quality program is, of course, our one-week performance guarantee—a guarantee that is unprecedented in the staffing industry and a true testimony of our commitment to quality in our service offerings.

1 Optional at client’s request
2 Optional at client’s request
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