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Immigration Assistance
At netPolarity, we recognize that intelligence knows no bounds. As a diversity employer, we strive to give our clients the best access to a large pool of diverse talents and ultimately, a greater competitive advantage. In today’s global economy, foreign workers play an increasingly important role in our workforce and they are filling a critical gap in the face of talent shortage.

As a value-added service for the engagement of foreign workers, netPolarity provides:

  • Sponsorship of H1B and H4B Visas for foreign nationals, TN Visas for Canadian citizens and F1 Student Visas for those holding down jobs while pursuing higher education opportunities in the U.S.
  • Sponsorship of Green Card or Permanent Resident status in certain situations for foreign nationals interested in making a new residence in the U.S. (Green Card sponsorship is available for those with hard-to-find skill-sets; inquire with your netPolarity recruiter or account manager for more information.)

At netPolarity, we have years of experience processing employment-based sponsorship applications and we are backed by an extensive network of legal resources and immigration attorneys with successful track records for handling complex foreign worker issues. You can reply to netPolarity open positions today and have confidence in a successful Visa sponsorship.

netPolarity Bridging the Gap