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Aerospace and Defense
We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the workforce that shapes the world’s future. Every day, netPolarity deploys an army of experts engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense and aerospace systems. From mechanical engineers with special focus on fuselage, stress analysis or ground vehicle propulsion systems to computer aided designers working on interior cabin design, aerodynamics, and missile defense, netPolarity provides contingent workers who understand the important and integrated technology missions of our nation’s defense and aerospace contractors.

At netPolarity, we understand the key goals of your business:

  • Enhance capability at lower cost
  • Improve product lifecycle management
  • Provide support for just-in-time supply chain logistics
  • Protect your infrastructure and assets from compromises

In addition, netPolarity has an extensive and successful track record working with stringent Department of Defense security clearance requirements. Our unparalleled experience in the field, coupled with our intelligent and committed workforce, enable us to provide the outstanding skill levels necessary to ensure the success of the next generation of intelligent defense and aerospace systems.







netPolarity Bridging the Gap