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A True Independent Contractor
Understanding Independent Contracting

Working as an independent contractor is very attractive to many people in the workforce today. However, it encompasses more than just taking on freelance assignments or working on numerous short-term assignments. Here are a few basic identifiers of a true independent contractor:
  • Works with a number of clients
  • Takes on project-based tasks with an agreed upon completion point; determines and takes the steps necessary to reach completion.
  • Is subject to IRS 1099 form and pays his or her own taxes including Social Security taxes
  • Is fully responsible for his or her own benefits including workers’ compensation and disability insurance
  • Obtains the necessary permits required to operate a small independent business such as a city license, business license and/or fictitious/dba business name
  • Provides general liability and professional liability insurance coverage for his or her clients
  • Actively markets his or her services as an independent business (creates advertising or marketing materials, maintains own Web site, etc.)
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